Here are some special people in my tribe with programs that have had a BIG impact on my life. They provide services that that have been helpful along my path to be a better human.

I’ve also included a list of services that I use as a coach that have been invaluable to my success.

Ashlie Woods

Ashlie facilitates experiences that enable high-powered women to quiet the noise in their head so they can listen to the wisdom of their heart and live their truth with courage and freedom.                    214-995-2222

Intuitive Chef Gail Blair

“Empowering Others to Empower Themselves”

As a Food & Medical Intuitive, Gail helps others remember their natural God-given health.                                          469.640.0615

Landmark Education

There is no other education that I’ve found that has a quicker, more profound, positive impact on people’s lives as Landmark Education. The results are immeasurable and I will carry the benefits with me everywhere I go, no matter what I am doing.


SERVICES I recommend:

Acuity Scheduling –

Constant Contact –

Canva –

Zoom –



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